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Milford Optometrists have Quality Brands and Personalised Service


With our comprehensive eye examinations, we take the time to ensure that you and your eyes are well cared for.


CAA accredited optometrists that can perform the required checks for you. 




Our optometry practice started 40 years ago, when the motorway ended at Smales Farm.  Hard to believe the change in the area over that time.  Originally, the practice was at the intersection between  Kitchener and Shakespeare Roads, but the building it was in was knocked down to produce  a throughway to Omana Road.  It has been in its present location for many years.  Over that time period, optometry has had a lot of technical development.  We now have more equipment than ever to measure different parts of the eye – like the curve of the cornea which allows us to do specialist contact lens fitting. We can also accurately measure your peripheral vision and take photographs of different parts of the eye.  Contact lenses have developed over the years to, with a large emphasis on daily use contact lenses or myopia control contact lenses.  Optical lenses are now better than ever, progressive lenses allow people to see easily at all distances with minimal peripheral distortion.   Optical frames are constantly evolving – and the best way to keep up to date with this is to talk to us.




Optometrist and Owner

I started at Milford Optometrists in 2003, just after graduating from Auckland University with Honours.  It was always my dream to own my own practice and I was lucky enough to achieve this dream early on.  Optometry offers a great variety of people, and I enjoy the problem solving aspect of patient demands.


Customer Service

This job offers great variety and I have been at Milford Optometrists for over 10 years.  Difficult frame repairs and adjustments is something I particularly enjoy, as well as running the practice as efficiently as possible.  I also enjoy working with a large variety of people at different ages and stages.

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I joined the Milford Optometrist team in 2019, and have been in the field of optometry since 2013. I enjoy listening to my patients’ visual needs and I always try my best to help them out by prescribing appropriate visual aids to improve the quality of their life. I am also able to offer various methods for controlling myopia (short-sightedness) such as Atropine therapy, Orthokeratology and soft contact lenses.


Customer Service

I currently work part-time for Milford Optometrists, and have been here for many years.  The accounts is my area of expertise, but I’m happy to help out wherever is required – I especially enjoy helping people choose the best frame for their face.

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