Does your child need glasses?

Do you have a young child or grandchild at school? When was the last time they receive a full comprehensive eye exam? Studies confirm that 1 in 5 kiwi children are struggling with vision issues which can ultimately hinder their learning process in classrooms. With research showing that 80% of a child’s learning is done visually children can quickly slip behind their peers.

Reading, writing, whiteboard work, and computers are all hard work if they cannot see clearly. It stands to reason that having clear comfortable vision is necessary for a child to learn successfully. So many of the day to day learning tasks at school require seeing quickly and using visual information.

Young children cannot always tell you if they find it difficult to see well as they may be unaware that what they see is any different from anyone else.

Here are a few tips for you to look out for:

Does your child?

1) Lose their place while reading or use fingers to maintain their place.

2) Avoid close work particularly reading.

3) Hold reading materials closer than normal.

4) Tend to rub their eyes or have headaches.

5) One eye drifts or aims in a different direction than the other.

6) Close or cover one eye or squint

7) Omit or confuse small words when reading.

8) Seem to have a short attention span for their age.

9) Have poor hand-eye coordination for activities like playing with a ball.

10) Consistently perform below potential.

These symptoms may possibly be vision-related and will mean that your child is working harder at almost everything, causing fatigue and frustration. It is advisable to bring your child to see either Elnaz or myself if they are displaying these symptoms.

Not seeing comfortably can lead to a child severely struggling at school as their eyes are constantly tired and sore causing them to avoid concentrating. I want to help decrease the number of children affected by poor eyesight, so they are able to perform at their full potential.

Some eye conditions are not obvious to the casual observer so a full eye health check is the way to be certain that your child can see clearly. At Milford Optometrists we pride ourselves on providing quality optometry services to our community. If your child has not had an eye exam recently why not book in to see us and “See the Difference”.